We only work with live commentary on our ships Carola and Franziska. Please note that at times the pier is also used by ships from other companies using audio guides. The departure times of our ships change every week. To find out at what time we offer live commentary visit www.spreesprecher.de. Scroll down, choose the day you want to do a tour, wait about 10 seconds and than you can see at what time there will be a ship with a guide. These are the guided currently working for us.


Let´s start with Andreas. He joined the company in 2011 and still gets excited when he talks in front of our guests. This is what he has to say: “I have done many different things including working as a guide on adventure trips in South America and on river cruise ships along the Rhine. But in Berlin I feel at home and it still thrills me to show this beautiful city to our guests. I never get bored because each and every trip is different. There is always something different happening along the way and the audience reaction is never the same. My goal always Is to capture the attention of our guests by giving interesting information as well as funny facts. I love making our guests love and also give them something to think about. As we travel along the former borderline I emphasize on the separation of Berlin talking about former checkpoints, ghoststations and so on.

Spreesprecher Andreas


Alexander joined the company in 2014 and thrills our guests from day one with his talent to include everything that is happening along the way into the tour. No trip really is the same but its always highly entertaining. Alex has a favour to talk about current political affairs and likes to make fun of people from the richer southern part of Germany who support the poorer states in the former eastern part of Germany. And he does it in a way that everybody can laugh about it. This is what he has to say: “I love working as a guide because I enjoy talking in front of other people. I always try to involve our guests or what´s happening along the riverbank into my talk. There is always something different coming out of that and it´s really interesting to see other people´s reactions. The feedback of our guests encourages me to keep going.

Spreesprecher Alexander


Mara was born in Berlin and after a ten-year stint abroad, has returned to her home town. She is a studied cultural mediator with a focus on migration and visual discourse. When she is not travelling upstream, she is exploring language and people as a German teacher and photographer. On the boat, she has her very own, charming way of introducing Berlin to visitors from all over the world.

Spreesprecher Mara